I was stolen at birth by a rabid raccoon and raised in a hollow tree until I was... oh, no. Wait. That wasn't me. That was this story I was thinking of just now. Sometimes I have trouble telling the difference...

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the second of three children (older brother, younger sister). My dad worked in the steel industry, so we moved around some: Bensenville, IL (that's outside of Chicago), Boardman, OH (that's outside of Youngstown). I finished high school in Wexford, PA (that's outside of Pittsburgh). I went to college in Irving, TX (that's outside of Dallas), then lived right smack-dab in the center of Vienna, Austria for two years (Fulbright Teaching Assistantship). Home is now on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. I've also lived at various times on the Greek Islands and in Rome.

Always loved books and reading. When we lived in Ohio, one of the biggest events of the year in our family was the big book sale at our local church. We didn't have a lot of money, but books were one thing my parents never said 'no' to. We'd load up on books at the sale in April, and bring them in June by the carload (our car was literally loaded with books) to a fishing cabin in Wisconsin we rented. No TV, no radio. Just fishing and reading and poking around in the woods. Good stuff.

I've had a couple of art classes here and there, but mostly I'm self-taught. I studied literature in college, but there wasn't much writing involved... so I'm really completely unqualified to do what I do.

You can see a complete list of my books through a link on the Books page.

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